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Gela Kenchuashvili - this is an artist who graduated from the faculty of fine art painting, but besides painting, icon painting and church painting also have a special place in his work...

He has painted many churches and at the same time he is also working on painting. The artist reminds us of the melancholy nature of Cézanne with intense feelings.

The grace, love and virtue of the heavenly and earthly worlds can be felt in almost all works.

You will definitely recognize the artist's different and characteristic handwriting in his characters, which are full of Georgian elements. Gela Kenchuashvili's amazing works are a reflection of modernity, he provides us with an invisible grain of modernism, and this is a new, unusual interrelationship of color, line shape in his painting. shifting, their organicity.

In his biography there are many interesting exhibitions that fascinated the viewer. Gela Kenchuashvili's works are in private collections of different countries: Turkey, Russia, Poland, USA, Germany and South Korea.

Gela Kenchuashvili
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