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Fresh Patten

Size: 100x60 cm.

Canvas, acrylic

Year of execution: 2020


Today , due to the fact that questions have increased and all blind beliefs have been questioned , the facts that people believed and still believe without questioning become even more fascinating .

This is how a tree is planted in the name of a newborn at the birth of a person . which was related to human luck . The planting of the tree was preceded by a special ritual called " Merch prayer " . Parallel to this name, there is its identical term " fudze " ( as a foundation ).

Nerchi is considered the mother of the place . It is a local manifestation of the cosmosed mother . Her competence included giving good luck to a woman giving birth and a newborn . She is known as the Lady of Nerchi Patten-Foundation . Earth goddess, which was later replaced by the cult of the Virgin Mary.


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